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One Pup, Two Pup, Three Pup, NEWBORN!

Welcome back to our blog! Thank you all for following our journey, and stopping in to check on the most recent shoot. Today, Jenna and I got the pleasure of meeting with a new client for the first time. Ashley and Ian are first time parents of an adorable little newborn named Carter, and we got the honor of doing his first shoot today.

When going to a new home for a session, there are always some unknowns and uncertainties. Will I get lost on the way there? Where will the best lighting be? How many people will be there? And most importantly, will there be dogs?! Today, to our satisfaction, there was not just one dog but THREE, and an amazing family to follow!

After meeting the three puppers, we headed upstairs to meet the adorable Carter. Jenna and I adore working with babies and today was no different. Carter was such a sweet little man and he has the family to match. Within the short time of being there, we can tell that Ashley and Ian are such dedicated and loving parents. Carter will have such a full life, full of infinite amounts of joy.

Jenna and I were so happy and honored to be a small part of your family today. We cannot wait to see your family grow and flourish, and capture everything along the way! Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy!

February 14, 2021

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