Jenna Tripp and Carly Reed

Wedding and Lifestyle Photographers, who also happen to be sisters
Located in MD but also serve in PA, DC and VA

Jenna & Carly Photography

A Note from Jenna:
   "Hello and welcome! I am the oldest sister of three girls. I am a wife and a momma of two sweet boys and a little girl. I taught special education and second grade for a few years and then became a stay at home mom. I have always loved taking pictures. You know the person that takes too many pictures at a family function? Well, that’s me! Why not take that passion and turn it into something? Here we are! Taking gorgeous photos that create lasting memories is not the main purpose of this photography business for Carly and I. It is the connections that we make with each of our clients and the relationships we create. Capturing timeless images that people cherish endlessly is an added bonus. I am so blessed to have such a meaningful business and I am even more blessed to be doing it by my youngest sister’s side!"

A Note from Carly: 
      "Hey party people! First and foremost, thank you guys for showing interest in our lives and journey together as photographers. When I am not out at a shoot with Jenna I work at Summit Animal Hospital. I am a manager there, and get the pleasure of making sure that everything runs smoothly so that all of the animals get the love and devotion they deserve.
         Now that Jenna and I have started this business I get to make sure that your milestones are captured and those photos get that same devotion that I put into every aspect of my life. When at a shoot you can always find me making a spectacle of myself. Whether I am trying to make your children laugh, holding a large reflector to get the perfect light for your pictures, or just being a goof; I enjoy every minute of it. Now that you have gotten to know a little bit about Jenna and I, we look forward to learning about you!"

Jenna Tripp's Ten Favorites:
1. Family! Wife to one, momma to three and fur momma to a Cocker Spaniel named Cooper
2. Disney World! (Huge Marvel fan too) 
3. A large Chick-fil-A diet coke
4. Hamilton (or any other Broadway musical)
5. Texas Roadhouse rolls with cinnamon butter
6. Crafting and designing customized shirts 
7. Teaching- I was an elementary school teacher before I had my kiddos
8.  Outlander - Hello, Sam Heughan
9. Reality TV- so silly yet so addicting
10. Lemon Meringue Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory

About Jenna & Carly

Carly Reed's Ten Favorites:
1. My puppy- Life without him would be ruff
2.Coffee & Wine- AM & PM necessities
3.J&Y Sushi- I buy it so often that I should probably be an owner
4.Friends and Family- Especially my loving and supportive fiance, I wanted to put this first on my list but I did not want to seem like I copied Jenna
5. Amusement Parks- I am convinced I could sit on a rollercoaster all day and be content
6. Aquariums-Especially the one in Baltimore, I used to intern there so I am definitely biased
7. The Office- I have an actual problem with how obsessed I am, I feel like they are my friends
8.University of Maryland- Go Terps!
9.Moana- It Calls Me
10. Ipsy- Subscriptions and makeup are my weakness