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When there is a photoshoot that involves a toddler, having the session at a park with a giant playground was probably not the most ideal choice of location. But, little Miss Carla did a wonderful job resisting the urge. Victoria and Carla met Carly and me at Piney Run Park to have a Mommy and Me Shoot. At first, Carla was timid and shy- which I know from talking to Victoria, she is quite the opposite of her personality. It is normal for a three-year-old to look at new people and be reserved and apprehensive. But, being photographers, we want the kids that we photograph to be as comfortable as possible in order to get beautiful pictures. Carly and I bring our own prize box for our families with kiddos. We tell the kids that if they follow our directions and smile for our camera that one, this will be over quickly and two, they will get to pick a prize from our box! Of course, we give every child a prize no matter how they act. But, we do this to build a connection with our “little clients” and to allow them to have something to look forward too. On top of bringing our prize box, we also act like complete fools! And we love every minute of it! While one of us is shooting, the other will do absolutely outrageous things in the background to make our “little clients” smile (it works for the husbands and dads too). I will admit that usually Carly is the one making everyone laugh! Carla’s apprehensive frowns soon turned into the cutest belly laughs which then turned into the most adorable pictures! By the end of the shoot, Carla received her prize, got to play on the playground and found a new best friend in Carly!

Carla was so well behaved and a joy to have in front of our camera. And so was her sweet momma, Victoria. Victoria has raised such a strong, beautiful, vibrant, and smart little girl. A mom is a woman who loves you unconditionally from birth. A mom is someone who puts their child before themselves. A mom is someone you can always count on. A mom is your constant support and someone who will love you no matter what. This is exactly who Victoria is to Carla. The love and the bond that this mother and daughter have is one to admire. Carly and I will always cherish this photoshoot because we were able to witness the deepest love between Victoria and Carla. Victoria, your dedication and unending love for Carla is beautiful. Thank you for allowing us to capture such a sweet memory.

October 9, 2020

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