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The Most Meaningful Firework

On March 12th of this year, my sister-in-law sent me a picture of her positive pregnancy test! I will never forget that moment. I cried pure happy tears because in that moment, I found out that I would become an aunt! A month or so passed and Kate (my sister-in-law) asked me to be the “keeper of the gender” so that she and her husband could be surprised and find out the sex of their baby surrounded by their family members. This was by far one of the biggest secrets that I would ever have to keep. And, I did it!

Typically, when women are 20 weeks pregnant they have an anatomy scan and you are able to find out your baby’s gender. It just so happened that right around week 20 of Kate’s pregnancy was also her 21st birthday! Which also happens to be on the fourth of July. So Kate and Austin decided that they would do a gender reveal firework to disclose the sex of their baby to their family. My husband and Austin’s best friend helped to set up the correct color firework display. The family collectively decided that the gender reveal firework needed to be the first one to go off. They were all too anxious and couldn’t wait any longer! The bursting bright blue fireworks were the first of many fireworks that evening. THEY WERE HAVING A BABY BOY! Little Carson is so insanely loved already and we are looking forward to his arrival in the middle of November.

When you are a photographer, the camera becomes a part of you. This was not a booked session. This was a moment in time that I wanted to capture purely just because I wanted to. Looking back on such a special memory (especially in the middle of a pandemic) is something that brings so much joy. Photographs are a way to remember the best times in your life. That is a reason why it is a privilege to live the life of a photographer.

September 17, 2020

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