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I Choose You, Macky Doo

May 12, 2020. This was the day that I completed my first 80 hours of photography classes. I was so proud of myself and I couldn’t wait to shoot my first session. Then, I thought, “Who is going to be the first person to really trust being in front of my camera?”. Of course, I had done shoots before but only being self taught. Now, I had the knowledge that I was lacking before. As I was thinking to myself about who to ask, I looked up and saw my youngest son, Macklin, smiling at me (probably because he was about to playfully throw his toy car at me, but that is beside the point). It just so happened that Macklin’s first birthday was May 13, 2020. What a coincidence and a perfect opportunity! Every parent, always loves to capture big milestones in their children’s lives. I choose you, Macky Doo- for my first professional session! This helped to put my mind at ease too. Macklin is my child and the only person who could be critical of my work was me!

So, come to find out, babies/young children are one of the more tricky subjects to photograph because they want to do their own thing. When they are very young, they don’t even understand the directions that you give them yet. Challenge accepted! And, I had the time of my life throughout the entire shoot! I loved every minute behind my camera. I was so comfortable with changing the settings, finding the perfect light, posing, etc. In my mind, photography was always something that I had a love and passion for. But, after taking classes and really having an understanding of what being a photographer entailed, my passion and love turned into appreciation. Photographers have one of the most special jobs in the world. They get to help tell others people’s stories. Each new story is unique and beautiful and Carly and I are so grateful to call photography our new career!

September 5, 2020

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